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im funnie outgoing smart and a cool person to be around wanna talk jus inbox me :)) I’m a Cool Type Of Female ! I m 18 And I Say What I Believe Needs Too Be Said . ( B u t ) One Thing I Hate Is Drama ! I’m Beautiful but I m not gorgeous & I Sin But I Am Not The Devil & I’m Good But I Am Not An Angel ! : )
A Wise Girl Kisses ( B u t ) Doesn’t Love . Listens ( B u t ) Doesn’t Believe & Leaves ( B e f o r e ) She is Left !
People Can Only Take So Much Until They Finally Self Distruct ! Well I Lovee My Life : ) & The Boy That Is In It he’s my everything he’s my best friend <3 been there 4 me through it all : )) ! I Couldn’t Ask For Moree ! I Believe There Is An Afterlife & God Is In It ! But I Never Know What Happens There I’m Just A Wondering Mind!! : ) Love@War Isn’t It Truee ! We All Want Love, Relationships & Happiness ! But We Are All Afraid Of Rejection. But Aye You Have Too Try And Make It Through The Worst Times Because They Reflect On the Good ones That Are Fixed Too Be Put Together Because just Cause You Are Single Doesn’t mean You Are a Failure It Just Means God Hasn’t Finished Writing You love Story That All Soo Follow Me Back ! I’m The Female You Would Like Too Keep Up On Of what I Have To Talk About !!

Hmmmmmmmmm ………………….

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